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Sunday, October 01, 2006

2 x Nuits des Fees

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My first experience of the Nuit des Fees was in 1987 and it was great to see the Swissies let their hair down for a change! I don't remember a lot of it of course, though it was always fun walking the streets of Leysin in the middle of the night.

Just by chance when I visited in 2003 it happened to be the weekend of the Nuit des Fees again! This time I was with Wulfric, who was ten at the time. We seemed to be the only foreigners there and we had a great time mixing with the locals, listening to the music and sampling the beer. I love the way the villagers turn their garages etc into bars and the like - something we'd never be allowed to do in Health and Safety concious Nanny State Britain.


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