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Saturday, May 31, 2008

bag race 1988

I've just uploaded these great photos from the Vag Bag Race, 6 February 1988. We'd had a pretty snow-free winter up till the day before, then the weather really kicked in and we had deep snow for the big event.

These pictures are tinged with sadness, because with the Vag gone this sort of international fun has gone from Leysin, and it's a much poorer place for it.

The sooner we get the Vag back the better!

I'm now scanning all my Leysin pics from 87/88, which will go on both this site and the Facebook group. If you're in the pics, or know someone who is, tag them on Facebook for me.
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Blogger DORSE said...

That was an excellent day. Thanks for the memories.

2:05 am  

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