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Saturday, May 31, 2008

appeal ...

Via the Facebook site -

My production company is making a film about the scene in Leysin/Vagabond Club between 66 and 77. Anyone out there got some good Dougal Haston bar stories they want to tell us? That's the kind of thing we're after. Thanks... reach me at or via this site. Allen Hill Frame Pictures LLC
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Blogger DIF PA said...

Hello friends of Vagabond , I was auround Club Vagabond aswell allot of my fellow friends from the small sub Bandhagen south Stockholm Sweden circa 1975-80 We used to go together there when we was travelin auround Europe by "Inter Rail Card. My nickname in the bar was " Harvey Wallbanger" add by a Australian fellow bartender named Rick aka "Pop-Oscar" a name he was given by a Swedish chick named Jenny , I`m sure you can find sevral of us
in the Guestbooks auround the time, It was qiuite a time ago but I still feel at home when I see the pics both indoors & outdoors also remember We Swede lads meet allot of nicke Canadian & American chicks & guys at the vagabond , plenty of great memories //

Cheers Everyone from Tom Sweden born 56.

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